¡ Bienvenidos !

Zoológico Guadalajara2016 IGW Logo

Welcome all Gorilla Keepers, Curators, Techinicians, Veterinarians, Conservationists, Enthusiasts and anyone interested in Gorillas in the Wild and in Captivity!

You, the experts and specialists in Gorillas are the heart of this workshop and we at the Guadalajara Zoo are very excited to extend an invitation to you all to join us here in
Mexico, for the 2016 International Gorilla Workshop!!!IMG_1847

This event will have place from October 31 to November 05, 2016. These dates include the
Pre-Conference Trip, the Conferences, Guadalajara Zoo Day, and Post-Conference Trip.
Additionally the SPP meetings will have place on November 06-07 in Guadalajara

We are working on develop a very rich program, combining inspiring content from conferences, and entertaining events as well as an introduction to our city and our culture.DSC_4780.JPG

We are sure you will love our weather, our people, our food, our zoo, and of course our Gorillas during this Gorilla Workshop, and so we look forward to meet you in Guadalajara in 2016!!!

The conference will be held in English, simultaneous translation to Spanish will be available at the conferences, and English speaking staff will be available along your visit.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you here next year!

If you need to contact us please email us to: igw2016@gmail.com

We are happy to have a group of institutions supporting the 2016 International Gorilla Workshop. Thank you very much to all of our sponsors!!!

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If you, your business  or your institution want to support the 2016 International Gorilla Workshop please visit our sponsors section or contact us. Help us all to better care for Gorillas in captivity and conserve them in the wild!!!


2 pensamientos en “¡ Bienvenidos !

  1. Hola buenos días me interesa asistir, no trabajo con gorilas más trabajo con pequeños primates y quisiera saber si existe la posibilidad de ser participé a dicha conferencia. Sin más por el momento me despido, lindo día.

    Me gusta


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