Conference Trips

We know you Love traveling with all your colleagues before and after the Gorilla Workshop Conferences, so we have great plans for you all!!!

Guadalajara and its surroundings depict perfectly the traditions and simply the best of Mexico! That is why, before the first day of lectures (October 31), we will take you to discover some of the flavours and the history of our country, with a visit to and old Hacienda where you will see the process of Tequila in the city where it all started, followed by a stop at a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, the “Guachimontones Pyramids“, the archaeological site of rounded pyramids is characterized by including several buildings with a distinctive architectural style, unique, including several conical mounds or pyramids terraced patios surrounded by circular, ball games, a amphitheater and some terraces and buildings.

After 3 days of amazing Gorilla presentations, on November 4, we will have a full day at our Zoo, the Guadalajara Zoo, be prepared for Gorillas, other great apes, lots of monkeys, long walks, rides, fun and great tacos!!!

And last but not least we will have a tour to Leon Zoo, AZA accredited and one of the most important zoos in México, with some gorilla history, it will be a great trip to finish this wonderful International Gorilla Workshop.

So don’t miss a single event and register for the 2016 International Gorilla Workshop now!!!



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